Case Study
Dynamis Inc.


Dynamis Inc. (Dynamis) is a growing professional services small business headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Founded in 2008, Dynamis provides performance and learning solutions, security analysis and information technology services to the government and private sectors. 

Dynamis was nearing the end of their current lease in Arlington, VA and determined it needed to reevaluate its office space situation in order to better accommodate growth due to several new long-term federal contract awards requiring employees to be located offsite. 


Dynamis engaged West, Lane & Schlager to evaluate their real estate situation and identify all possible alternatives for the most optimal expansion strategy. WLS discovered several key points and challenges for Dynamis’ existing situation. One was that the organization no longer needed to maintain a presence in Arlington, VA due to the bolstered reputation of the company. Also, the current space was at max capacity and too private office intensive. Lastly the reception area and large conference room were inefficiently designed.


WLS negotiated a new lease for approximately 10,000 square feet at 8280 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive in Fairfax, VA. Key terms WLS achieved for Dynamis during negotiations include a tenant concession package that fully funded major space construction and moving expenses; free reserved parking spaces and exclusive access to a private terrace located on their floor; an efficiently designed space that can support long-term growth needs, and; expansion, renewal, and termination rights to provide maximum flexibility in the future.

 WLS represented us with securing our headquarters office, as well as a subsequent full floor expansion. They crafted a real estate strategy using their deep understanding of our company culture and successfully aligning our organizational values and business goals, taking into account we needed to find a Class A building. WLS identified a penthouse level suite at an office project in Merrifield, VA that was very central for our staff and provided all the amenities we were looking for. WLS negotiated aggressively on our behalf achieving a low rental rate, significant concessions, and flexible terms – allowing us to quickly secure our expansion space and achieve a very favorable concession package. We’d refer anyone to WLS if they are looking to reevaluate their office space needs. 

John Milam, CEO


WLS secured a space solution for Dynamis in their desired location that provides the company with increased brand identity and an opportunity to achieve future expansion objectives while also optimizing operations. Additionally, their new regional headquarters maintains close proximity to metro while costing approximately $10 per square foot less than their previous office in Arlington, VA.  

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