Distil Networks (Distil) is a rapidly growing cybersecurity company with a regional headquarters in Arlington, VA. Founded in 2011, Distil has become a global leader in bot detection and mitigation. Distil had secured two rounds of funding totaling $31 million to aid in the growth and expansion of the company. As a result, Distil determined it needed to reevaluate its office space requirements, as its existing outfit no longer suited the company’s needs.  


Distil engaged West, Lane & Schlager to evaluate their real estate situation and identify all possible alternatives for the most optimal expansion strategy. WLS discovered several key points and challenges for Distil’s existing situation. To start, occupancy expenses were low compared to market due to their existing space being a sublease. The existing space was also overcrowded, and Distil couldn’t accommodate new staff. Moreover, the current space did not portray Distil’s company culture or brand identity.


WLS negotiated a new lease for approximately 4,700 square feet at 4501 North Fairfax Drive in Ballston, VA. Additionally, WLS negotiated a subsequent expansion within the building increasing Distil’s total footprint to 15,314 square feet. Key terms WLS secured for Distill include a tenant concession package that fully funded major space construction and all moving expenses, an efficiently designed space that can support long-term growth needs, and future expansion, renewal and termination rights to provide maximum flexibility in the future. 


WLS secured a space solution for Distil in their desired location that offers flexibility, minimizes risk and provides an opportunity to achieve future expansion objectives while also optimizing operations. Additionally, their new regional headquarters has an efficient layout with a modern and collaborative design that fosters company culture and brand identity.