Case Study
National Federation of Federal Employees


National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is a national union representing approximately 110,000 blue and white collar government workers across the United States. NFFE engaged West, Lane & Schlager to assist them in uncovering their real estate options three years prior to their natural lease expiration date.


NFFE occupied approximately 6,500 square feet at 805 15th Street, NW. NFFE had a mandate from their board to reduce real costs prior to their lease expiration.


WLS was able to leverage the current market conditions and find multiple options that would allow NFFE to relocate before its existing lease expiration and reduce its real estate costs. Ultimately deciding on 1201 New York Avenue, NFFE was able to commit to a long-term lease that reduced their real costs by nearly 25 % annually.

 We initially retained West, Lane and Schlager to renegotiate our lease early and take advantage of a very soft real estate market. They had a great understanding of what our needs were, and did a fantastic job of showing us viable options that met those needs. After further analysis and guidance from WLS, we relocated to a brand new space prior to our lease expiration and reduced our occupancy cost by close to 25%. WLS acted as our true advocate and ensured the process was efficient and transparent throughout. We highly recommend Tom & WLS to anyone interested in exploring their real estate options. 

Bill Dougan, National President, NFFE


NFFE improved its building and space quality, improved its location and achieved significant savings for the long term. Their new layout allowed them to maximize efficiency as well as have access to a state of the art conference and fitness facility within the building.

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