Case Study
National Low Income Housing Coalition


The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, D.C. NLIHC had occupied 7,884 square feet on the 5th and 6th floor at 727 15th Street, NW. However, NLIHC determined it needed to reassess their inefficient layout and costs as their lease was expiring within the next two years.


West, Lane & Schlager began to evaluate NLIHC's existing real estate situation and identified several difficulties for the organization. The office layout was inefficient due to the number of redundancies created by the use of both floors. The space also lacked collaboration, including a conference room large enough to accommodate all staff or board member meetings. It was also outdated, dark and ultimately, not functional.


WLS engaged OTJ Architects to develop an effective space program. After touring several options and determining the significance of having full floor identity, NLHIC determined moving to 1000 Vermont Avenue, NW was a great solution. By achieving NLIHC’s project goals (financial and nonfinancial), WLS negotiated a new transaction which allowed NLIHC to obtain the entire fifth floor of 6,961 square feet. As a result, NLIHC was able to reduce square footage and cut overall costs.

 “WLS has had a profound impact on the improvement of our organization’s office environment and culture by helping us locate new offices and dramatically improve our office layout and design. WLS helped reduce our total square footage and found space where we were able to occupy the entire floor, all while decreasing our overall costs. They led us through a stress-free, interactive and educational process and exceeded our expectations.” 

Paul Kealey, Chief Operating Officer, National Low Income Housing Coalition


NLIHC improved their space quality and office layout, reduced their footprint by almost 1000 square feet and lowered their overall costs. The obtained Tenant Improvement allowances paid for the entire build-out and move including two partial glass doors, new furniture and even a 90-inch TV.  The new centralized open bar style kitchen is extremely inviting to all staff members, and NLISC is now able to host weekly staff meetings as well as board meetings and recognizes the importance of accommodating all staff on a single floor.

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