West, Lane & Schlager offers our current and prospective tenants a comprehensive Lease Auditing service which helps our clients save money on operational costs by comparing current operating expenses and real estate taxes against the market. Approximately 30% of all audits produce savings of which 100% of any savings is credited to our clients. We offer this free service to ensure that your lease is in compliance over the entire term.

The WLS Lease Auditing Service supports our clients by:

  • Playing an active role in the letter of intent and lease negotiation to ensure that you receive the most protection against landlord passthroughs
  • Analyzing your current operating expense and real estate taxes on an annual basis
  • Preparing historical reports that compare your operating costs against market operating costs
  • Negotiating, facilitating and expediting savings resulting from a lease audit
  • Monitoring the market for any changes in operating expenses and real estate tax practices
  • Negotiating with owners and property managers in order to achieve savings on your behalf