Tenant Insights Jan-Feb 2022


February 1, 2022


How COVID Continues to Shape the Way We Work

When approached with optimism and innovation, a challenge can cultivate creative solutions. This past year gave us plenty of opportunities to forge new, imaginative ways of working! Within the commercial real estate sector, severaldistinct office space trends have emerged as a result of the pandemic’s impacts.

However, with the spread of the omicron variant and spikes in COVID-19 cases, the beginning of 2022 broughtadditional challenges. This latest hurdle has paused returns to the office for the short-term, but we see companiescontinuing to design plans to ensure employees’ safe return to the office for the long-term. As chief researcher withGartner Brian Kopp remarks, “Do we need to respond to everything, or learn to live with it and consider it endemic?That’s the basic question that’s being asked now.” Omicron Deals Another Blow to The Hard Return-To-Office Date,

Let’s examine a few of the changes that came about and seem to be here to stay. Download pdf for full discussion. 

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