September 12, 2022

Leading the Way in Rental Rate Negotiations:


Finding the right representation when you’re faced with office space decisions can be tricky. There are so many options to sift through, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Well, as with any important business move, you need a proven partner to guide you.

With that in mind, West, Lane, and Schlager (WLS), commissioned a benchmarking study to see how WLS’s deals measured up against the industry standards and our competitors. Through independently gathered and industry verified data sources* of deal data over the past 3 years, a total of more than 340 office deals were analyzed. This in-depth analysis found that WLS deals on average came in at an overall 14% lower net effective rent.

A Closer Look

Among the brokerage firms that serve the DC metro area, WLS deals on average came in at an overall 14% lower net effective rent (i.e., the amount clients pay on average for rent per month). The study results also show that regardless of whether those deals were new leased space or renewals, WLS achieved better client outcomes:

  • Across Class A and B office buildings,
  • Throughout the major D.C. submarkets (CBD, East End and Capitol Hill submarkets), and
  • Regardless of the length of the lease term.

How?  The WLS Difference

Many firms in our industry operate in silos, handing off clients from one department to the next. But at WLS, collaboration is paramount. We are a unified team with an ethos of sharing information for one common goal: serving tenants with the best insights available to uncover the best possible outcomes. We are passionate about it all – the detail, the preparation, the negotiation.  We are proud to know that our deep expertise in the D.C. market translates into deals that really deliver for our clients.

As Eric West, WLS Principal, puts it:

“We aim not only at getting our clients the best possible deal in the market, but also closely guiding them through every step of the process to help make real estate decisions that will advance their overall strategic business objectives. When we say we are market specialists, we mean it. Having it all laid out in terms of actual percentages proves that our clients never have to wonder whether they’re getting the best deal. It’s right there in the numbers.”



*Compstak, publicly reported deals