Workplace Strategy


October 14, 2021

Groundhog Day

This is probably the umpteenth post you’ve read about the future of work. If you’re anything like me, the articles have blurred together, and you can identify an out-of-date piece from a mile away. But you still want to understand what the future of work will be. And you certainly want to have a strategy that’s flexible enough to stay relevant, unlike so many of our plans since March 2020.

But how do you marry nimbleness and a Return to Work Plan? You don’t. There’s too much uncertainty. What you need is a strategy. A Workplace Strategy that guides and supports your organization whether you’re fully remote, in the office full-time, or somewhere in between.


At West, Lane & Schlager Realty Advisors (WLS), we understand that an organization’s workplace should support its mission and help define its identity. We know that providing employees with the right tools and technologies can enhance productivity and that creating a vibrant, collaborative workspace can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, whether in-person or virtual. Developing the right plan to achieve the right solutions requires a comprehensive and effective Workplace Strategy, one that is specifically suited to your organization’s goals.  

The attention and focus behind Workplace Strategy have always been central to the value WLS has delivered to our clients. We’ve been applying these strategic planning philosophies and practices for more than 25 years – it’s part of our DNA. That expertise – supported by careful study and thoughtful listening – is critically important in this new landscape of challenges.

We understand that managers and employees now possess a whole new set of concerns and questions, as well as hopes and expectations. Organizations that devote the time and effort to a Workplace Strategy that honestly and thoughtfully addresses these factors can create a plan that will help you thrive now and well into the future. WLS wants to be your partner on this journey, guiding your team to the right destination.